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This is a great program for anyone entering their first serious event from half marathon to ironman. There is just so much poor guidance causing injury out there, let’s avoid it all by training right!

The ‘Enter’ Program gives you the essentials that you need to perform at your best with a low risk of injury and plenty of knowledge and understanding to build from. This is by no means basic! What you should expect from this in-depth program is as follows:

  • A first consultation including body composition testing and goal review
  • Review of a food diary for diet analysis and guidance
  • Event nutrition guidance
  • Timeline guidance for performance and injury prevention
  • Critical, yet uncommon training modalities for performance and injury prevention
  • A detailed and bespoke personal program breaking down training phases and focus week by week
  • A second consultation to present and discuss your program in full

Cost: R1500


The ‘Compete’ Program is ideal for anyone looking to step up their performance or event type safely. It builds on the ‘Enter’ Program with the following added features:

  • An hour long Sports Massage prior to your chosen event
  • Training and event psychology session
  • Ability testing as part of initial consultation
  • Two review meetings to test ability progress, body composition progress or maintenance and further food diary review
  • Fine tuning of the program based on these testing sessions

Cost R2500


Are you the seasoned veteran who dreams of podiums or Kona? You need a program that matches your ambitions. The ‘Dominate’ Program builds on the ‘Compete’ Program in the following ways:

  • Maximum Heart Rate Test
  • HHR% training guidance built into your program
  • An hour long Sports Massage session every 2 weeks
  • An hour long personal training session with varying focus every 2 weeks
Cost: R3500 + R1000/Month of Program
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