Personal Wellness programs

Whether you need to start from scratch or just relook at a few lifestyle choices…whether you haven’t got any idea what is truth and what is myth or you have a solid grounding of Lifestyle Knowledge…I will meet you where you are and help you design and implement the way forward. 

My program is a minimum of 6 meetings spread over 6 months. Each of these will have testing of health markers and progress, combined with further goal setting and education.

Event Training Programs

So you’ve decided to get serious about an event, great! Just one problem…who do you believe about how much to train, what methods are best, how you should eat before, during and after training…what about nutrition during the event?

Fortunately Sport Scientists exist! Let Riaan help you achieve the goals that you’ve set yourself. This can be either program design as a once off cost, or an ongoing program where testing, review and coaching all form part of the bespoke service…the choice is yours.

Corporate Wellness programs

The research is clear: when staff are healthier, their companies do better! There are many reasons for this, ranging from productivity through to staff retention and everything in-between.​

As a result of these facts, the Wellness Industry is an integral part of first world corporate practice. In a world where more is constantly demanded of fewer people, these services make it not just possible, but critically, sustainable!

It is also worth mentioning that more subjective factors, but equally as tangible, like company culture, are influenced by Wellness Services. 

So the benefits to the company are obvious, but what about the individual? The truth is that healthy people are happier, do better in their personal pursuits, make better relationship decisions and enjoy their retirements

Guest Speaker

Are you looking for a way to steer an event or group in a Wellness Minded direction? From schools to church meetings, from big corporate sales meetings to executive retreats…contact us today to arrange a bespoke topic to suit your needs.

Corporate Event Training

A fantastic way to steer a company’s culture in a positive direction is to enter corporate events…let us guide you and your staff on how to prepare for the maximum impact of fun, growth, benefit and long term change.


Some popular questions we get asked often…

Perfect! You really are the person who stands to gain the most from an intervention. You will also quickly realise that speed of improvement is a bad thing to focus on…its all about consistency of effort. So don’t worry, I’ll meet you where you are.

That just means our conversation will focus on performance in your sport, a training program for your next event and other aspects of your lifestyle…like sleep health, diet, social substances an so on.

Surprisingly, most disease happening to most people is caused or accelerated by lifestyle. Ofcoarse there are exceptions to this, but not many. This means that we all have family histories full of diseases but very few of us carry genes making those problems inevitable for us.

I don’t blame you! The amount of false information on health and lifestyle is staggering. Fortunately, the truth is simpler than it looks and we have known the answers for a very long time…The reason diets can vary so much is because they all operate on the same 3 core principals which are not easy to spot to the untrained eye.

Fortunately, this is a myth…it is true that some healthy food is very expensive, but its also some of the cheapest food in any shop. Just think of the price of carrots as a good example. It’s also true to say that some junk food is cheap, but it can also be some of the most expensive food there is. Just think of the price of chocolate and takeaways as an example.

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