Established in 2014

After completing his studies at Stellenbosch University, Riaan and his wife, Daniella moved to England where he pursued a career in Health and Wellness. After 5 years, he was the Lead Physiologist (Southern England) for the Nuffield Group, before returning to South Africa to start Healthyworx.

Since then Healthyworx has impacted over 30 companies representing more than a thousand staff.

Riaan’s health related philosophy is simple: “We all know most of what we should be doing differently, so let’s talk about how to change it!” This bridge between knowledge and action is the space where most people fail most of the time, and where his Programs and Services are situated.

As a passionate surfer, mountain biker and general sportsman, Riaan lives a lifestyle that reflects his advice to others and his passion for Wellness.


The facilitation of long term change…that’s what it really boils down too. Healthyworx looks to identify where change is needed in a company and its individuals and then facilitate those changes.


Healthyworx strives towards demystifying what healthy living really is. A future where we all know how to get the most out of life, and are equipped to implement a better way of living, is a win for ourselves and everyone around us!


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